Lal Kitab Samhita


Lal Kitab Samhita

Model Code: Lal Kitab Samhita Reports for 5 years

Languages: Hindi and English.

Lal Kitab Samhita for 5 years on Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Vastu, Fengshui and Gemstone. This model contains the following reports.

A. Janampatri - this model contains 55 pages Janampatri reports

B. From birth horoscope, this model contains the following reports:

  • Lal Kitab Birth Prediction
  • Lal Kitab Maha dasa
  • Positive Points (auspicious person, rashi, animals, birds, items, plants and trees, color and gem stones)
  • Numerology Prediction
  • Disease from Birth Horoscope
  • Vaastu effects on birth horoscope
  • Fengshui on birth horoscope effects
  • Gem Stone effects on birth horoscope
  • Metals effects on birth horoscope

C. From Year horoscope, this model contains the following reports:

  • Important Events
  • Safety Remedies
  • Precaution Remedies
  • Lal kitab Varshphal
  • Varsh Kundli remedies
  • Transfer Yoga
  • House Yoga
  • Marriage Yoga
  • Age risk percent
  • Vaastu effects on year horoscope
  • Fengshui effects on year horoscope
  • Gem Stone effects on year horoscope
  • Metals effects on year horoscope
  • Disease from Year Horoscope
  • To donate or not
  • Son and daughter yoga
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